Students turning to drugs to excel in school

Have you ever found yourself panicking that you have yet to study for an exam or write your paper, due in only a few hours? If so, you’re certainly not alone. But what happens when you feel like the only option is to use “smart drugs” to get it all done? Across the U.S., college…

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Harriet Tubman to knock Jackson out

For as long as the U.S. monetary system has existed, paper bills have portrayed only male historical figures, but a new movement has added a woman to these bills. Harriet Tubman in particular is to replace Andrew Jackson on the front of the $20 bill, while the former president is relocated to the rear, according…

Book Nook

The creation of the Book Nook

Every day, countless students filter through the Davis Center. Many drop by Brennan’s, popular for its local ingredients and extensive menu. But some congregate there for a reason other than a maple milkshake craving: a visit to the Book Nook. Founded in 2010, the Book Nook is tucked away in a corner of Brennan’s and…

Near-sighted NFL draft strategies

Patience is a very valuable trait in the NFL world for players, coaches and front offices as well as the entire fan base; it’s also something that has, unfortunately, grown nearly extinct. Gone are the days of drafting a quarterback in the first round with the intention of having him sit and learn behind the…


A sobering look at the drinking age in U.S.

Every Friday night in Burlington, hundreds of people buy booze for their friends and acquaintances who aren’t yet 21. How do I know this? Observation. Experience. Common sense. If I buy three 30-racks, a couple handles and a few bottles of wine, I’m clearly not buying for only my own personal consumption. About half my friends,…


Beyonce serves lemonade

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. Or, if you’re Beyonce, you drop an unapologetic, guaranteed-classic album about all of the ways you’ve been wronged. The visual album “Lemonade” is an hour-long visual album set to 12 tracks of genres ranging from trap to gospel, released April 23. In the album, Beyonce presents a…

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New housing reserved for Champlain College

Changes downtown will bring hundreds of new housing units to Burlington. As a part of the redevelopment of the Burlington Town Center mall, at least 270 residential housing units will be constructed, according to the Predevelopment Agreement between the city and property owner BTC Mall Associates LLC. The new housing construction will take place in…

Response: Agency fees are theft

In response to professor Felicia Kornbluh’s letter published last week: Kornbluh’s assertion that agency fees are used solely for collective bargaining and policy proposal — and, therefore, such coercion is permissible — is an exercise in question-begging. It assumes collective bargaining and contract administration are inherently apolitical, when they certainly aren’t. In fact, had Justice Antonin…

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A week of coffee and NBR

Finals week. It’s the time of every semester that students fear. Final papers, exams and ever-so-dreaded group projects pile up and it seems like we will never get out of what can accurately be described as a scene from the “Hunger Games.” Caffeine is treated like gold, sleep is cherished and hard to come by…

SpringFest crowd

Fun in the sun

Saturday was a sunny day filled with an abundance of body tie-dye, truffle fries, friends being escorted to the drunk tank and the highly-anticipated main musical acts Bison, Madalia and The Head and the Heart.  UPB hosted its annual SpringFest March 31 in the Jeffords parking lot. This was the first year the event has…

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Real Food priority for new group

A new initiative has been created to improve the quality of food at UVM. The Real Food Working Group, a group of students, faculty, staff, administration and University Dining representatives, is tasked with setting Real Food Challenge into action. The Real Food Challenge is a campaign to get universities across the U.S. to focus their…

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Greek tax proposal is denied

A proposed compromise on a tax on Greek houses was denied by the Vermont Senate. On April 26, the Senate voted against a proposed partial payment of tax for Greek homes made by Greek students and SGA members, SGA President Jason Maulucci said. The proposal for partial pay came after a talk in the SGA…


Catamounts to thank fans at event

On the 10th Fan Appreciation Day, UVM athletes will express their thanks to the fans who have supported them all year. The event will take place at Virtue Field April 30 as the men’s and women’s lacrosse teams take on Binghamton University in the last regular season home game of the year. The day will…

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