Fantasy Football: Outlooks for Week 4

WHO I LIKE QB, Trevor Siemian (DEN) – Denver’s rookie quarterback stunned everyone by beating an always-tough Bengal’s defense at Cincinnati. The Broncos play a weak Tampa Bay secondary Sunday, so Siemian, who’s only owned in five percent of leagues, is a sweet waiver wire pickup. RB, Le’Veon Bell (PIT) – Step aside DeAngelo Williams;…

First-year declassified school survival guide

Entering college as an introvert can be tricky, especially if you’re coming from out-of-state with no familiar faces around. Luckily, I’ve devised some handy tricks to make sure you get the best out of your investment. Hopefully you knew the first step started way before the first day of school at orientation. The introvert’s goal at…


Finding your true identity at ‘Sputi’s’

For those struggling to find an identity in college, I can say with certainty that Rasputin’s bar in downtown Burlington, more commonly referred to as “Sputi’s,” is the place to go. Of all the experiences I have had in college so far, nothing has shaped me more as an adult than my experiences at Sputi’s….

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Sororities welcome new sisters

This year’s greek life recruitment has officially begun. From Sept. 22 to 25, UVM’s sororities held their annual “Formal Recruitment” sessions, in which over 200 sorority-hopefuls had the opportunity to meet the sororities on campus. Students in attendance said they were excited to join greek life. Alaina Kauippila, a first-year student says she see’s sororities…

Author returns to a painful past

Literature lovers and history buffs alike will be interested in a spectacular event coming to Burlington next week. Local author Mary Fillmore will be speaking at Phoenix Books in Burlington Oct. 4. The event begins at 7 p.m. and will celebrate the release of her new book, “An Address in Amsterdam.” “An Address in Amsterdam”…


iPhones are destroying human interaction

Kids these days and their iPhones. They can’t even look up from them for one minute to speak with their father on the drive up to college. What are you doing? Facechatting? What are you tweetering about? Are you enjoying my Bee Gees CD? I probably sound like your suburban, t-shirt-tucking, clean-shaven father, and that’s because…


Film renews typical trope

Comedic, charming and heartfelt, “Hunt for the Wilderpeople” tugs the heartstrings without bordering on sappiness. “Hunt for the Widerpeople” tells the story of a young foster child who, after spending his life living in cities, is sent to live on a farm in rural New Zealand. Despite a rocky beginning with his new family, young…


Students discuss presidential candidates

Tuning in from the Silver Maple Ballroom and the Davis Center fireplace lounge, students watched the first presidential debate. Preliminary reactions were generally negative, with students and residents commenting on their expectations being met. The debate, hosted by Lester Holt of NBC, consisted of six 15-minute sections, focusing on six topics, with no commercial breaks….

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Students speak out against oil pipeline

Students raised their voices in protest against the Dakota Access Pipeline Sept. 21 in front of the Bailey/Howe Library. The speak-out was organized by the International Socialist Organization to show solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. “This is an attack on indigenous rights and it’s a further development of fossil fuel infrastructure, so it’s…

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Crime Log Sep. 17 to Sep. 24

SEP. 17 Police noticed two students located on the Williams Hall fire escape. They were told to get down and the incident was reported to the Center for Student Conduct. SEP. 17 ResLife informed UVM Police of excess noise and alcohol consumption in Mason Hall on Redstone Campus. Marijuana, paraphernalia, alcohol and a fake ID…

NCAA’s actions send a message

Collegiate athletic championships will need to find a new home this season after the NCAA removed all championship games from North Carolina, in response to the HB2 “bathroom bill.” HB2 is a law mandating that all people must use the bathroom of the gender they were assigned at birth, as opposed to the gender with…


Indie rock band perfects act

Only one band is able to rock their audience down to the ground only to throw them back up into the air through amazing sound and incredible theatrics. of Montreal, who is actually from Athens, Georgia, played at Higher Ground Sept. 13. The indie rock staple is known for their flamboyant and experimental live performances….

Humans of UVM

Maybe it’s not evident, but diversity is real here at UVM. The diversity exists in personalities, upbringing, interests, religion, sexuality, you name it. In New York City, Brandon Stanton of Humans of New York, roams the streets looking for hints of humanity to intertwine us all. At UVM, Willa Richmond is here to do the…


Why are we here, in philosophy class?

With the first few weeks of the school year wrapping up, the opportunity to easily drop and change classes has come to a close. Ideally, this means everyone is where they want to be and taking the classes they want to take. Personally, jumping from class to class didn’t resolve my discontent. Sensing hostility and…

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UVM ethics center gets new name

Due to student confusion, the Center for Student Ethics & Standards has been renamed. The Center for Student Ethics & Standards has been renamed the Center for Stu- dent Conduct, director Kim Martin said. The name change occurred this past summer. The name change serves as an accurate umbrella for the Center for Student Conduct’s…