Keeping the dish simple

This week’s lesson is in simplicity. The Intervale Food Hub delivered another beautiful basket: Bright green Brussel sprouts,  crunchy carrots, crisp spinach, sweet pears and fresh-from-the-ground potatoes. But I was strapped for time this week with midterms hitting hard. I decided to sizzle some veggies on a tray. Sometimes, simple is the way to go….


SGA promotes innovation

Students will soon have access to a new program promoting innovation. UVM’s new center for student innovation and ideas is set to be completed by the end of next semester, SGA President Jason Maulucci said. The new program aims to help students with entrepreneurial ideas pursue their goals, Maulucci said. “What we’re in the process…

A look at college sexual assault reporting

In 1987, Lehigh University student Jeanne Clery was raped and murdered in her dorm room. Filled with grief, Clery’s parents took to Capitol Hill to change the laws regarding how colleges report these heinous crimes. Her parents believed that if they knew Lehigh had criminal activity, they would not have sent their daughter there in…

Program to pioneer body talks

Being a college student means tackling a multitude of stressors, from assignments and extra curriculars, to social commitments and employment. But for many, body image and weight gain are being added to this list, creating an increased risk for developing eating disorders on campus. To combat  such unhealthy behaviors, LivingWell created The Body Project. The…


ResLife will renovate Converse

ResLife has made plans to make changes to UVM’s oldest dorm. A project was presented by Richard Cate, vice president of Finance and Bob Vaughan, director of Capital Planning Management, to the board of trustees Oct. 21 which would seek to improve Converse Hall’s exterior masonry and roof, as well as many other smaller issues…


Indie pop group to return with new sounds

This November will see the return of a group with a reputation for unique, yet accessible music. Frankie Cosmos will perform at 8 p.m. Nov. 10 at ArtsRiot. After missing the band’s performance at ArtsRiot Nov. 2015, senior Melissa Moldovan is looking forward to seeing the band live she said. “[Greta Kline] seems pretty cool,”…

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Cynic receives top award

The Vermont Cynic has won first place nationally for coverage of UVM’s racial history. The Associated Collegiate Press awarded the Cynic first place for Diversity Story of the Year for their story “Kake Walk: Alumni, faculty and students reflect on 73-year tradition,” which was published in February. The ACP is a non-profit education association the…

Solange sets the table: take a seat

How often does a genuinely personal, political and narrative album come along? It takes a truly talented artist to compose a record that gives the listener a feeling of actual dialogue–a coherent communication of life, struggle and philosophy from musician to audience. That is what Solange Knowles has done with her new album, “A Seat…

Put your best pitcher out there

In the modern game of professional baseball, managers have a plethora of statistics on which to base late-game match-ups. Sometimes, as this year’s postseason has proven, it is often best for managers not to strictly adhere to these statistics and sacred baseball tradition, but instead to take a more unconventional approach. Simply put, managers have…


Day in the life of a Chipotle employee

The life of a Chipotle employee is a complicated one. On Job Duties: Not only do you have to be a food industry worker, but an esteemed brand manager, avid stock-market follower and adamant solver of food-borne illnesses. Customers ask you uncomfortable questions about Chipotle’s reputation, if business is down and what initiatives are being…